How to Grow Bromeliad Plants

Bromeliads are some of the easiest plants to bloom. Bromeliads prefer a rich, organic loose medium that  drains well. A prefered soil mixture for bromeliads is a 50% leaf mold and 50% sand. Bromeliads prefer Bright non direct light from a southern exposure, Bromeliads have a built in light meter when the colors begin to fade or burn simply reduce the amount of light. Bromeliads vary in there water requirements enormously. Some prefer to be kept dry, much like a cactus while others must be kept constantly moist and If the leaves form a cup, water should be kept in the leaf "cups" at all times. Epiphytic bromeliads such as tillandsia require daily misting. Kalanchoes are succulents that produce small, colorful clusters of flowers with leaves that are scalloped or smooth. They are easy to grow indoors provided they receive bright, indirect light coupled with warm, sunny conditions and placed in sandy, fertile soil that is allowed to dry between waterings.


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